Vendor Highlight: Puff n’ Stuff


Puff n’ Stuff is the preferred caterer of the Orlando Science Center and we thought we’d tell you a little bit about them from our perspective! Our Event Coordinators are on-site events all evening and have to eat at some point. We get to try many different kinds of food from all of our certified caterers so we know our catering!


Without fail, Puff n’ Stuff consistently delivers excellent service and delicious food, from the first contact to the end of your event, Puff n’ Stuff is always there to please. These displays were for a recent wedding reception in our DinoDigs exhibit, catered by Puff n’ Stuff. As you can see, Puff n’ Stuff’s attention to detail begins from the first client contact to the last minute of your special event.


Puff n’ Stuff is notorious for some delicious food stations that we’ve had the pleasure of having on-site. Most recently they dazzled us with a flaming doughnut station. Glazed doughnuts were sauteed in a rum sauce, then served with a coffee ice cream – the perfect combo!

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At another event, they amazed us with glowing ice cubes in our interactive exhibit, Our Planet Our Universe. The glow of the ice cubes matched the blue uplights in the room, creating an amazing atmosphere around our suspended globe exhibit piece which was the focal point of the dinner reception.

Be sure to contact Puff n’ Stuff for your next special event!

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Wedding Films Spectacular

One of the biggest trends we are seeing more often in the wedding industry is videography. Do not get us wrong, photographers are just as important because as the old metaphor reads “a picture is worth a thousand words.” However there is just something so magical…so spectacular… about watching your wedding after it has already happened. Being able to go back in time and witness such an extraordinary night through the eyes of others is a wonderful gift and a true delight. Here at the Orlando Science Center, we have had the pleasure of working with many professional videographers and there is nothing more exciting than when we get a new video in the mail! Below are a few films from recent weddings-all unique and beautiful!

Ceremony: Mayor Tree. Reception: SunTrust Terrace. Videographers: White in Revery.

Ceremony: DinoDigs. Reception: SunTrust Terrace. Videographers: Perfect Sky Productions.

Event Coordinator

Visiting Vendors Over the Summer

For the event industry, summer is slower. Kids get out of school, the weather heats up, and most often the kind of entertaining that people are doing are backyard barbecues. Not to mention, the Orlando Science Center is open later on Friday and Saturday evenings to the public. Since you cannot have your event with us on those nights, you should definitely be visiting our exhibits or Hollywood films during our extended hours!


With a lighter event schedule, we decided to take some time during the week to visit some of our favorite vendors in the area. We are still planning more, but had to share some fantastic visits that we’ve already had. We visited Big City Catering for lunch one day in which they treated our office to a three-course lunch of raspberry vinaigrette salad, mahi mahi, and a ricotta ice cream and pastry for dessert! It was a delicious meal and fun to chat with vendors, not to mention a sweet way to end a visit.


Another one of our favorite vendors that we visited was American Audio Visual. They are our go-to vendor for all external technology productions and components. We got to visit their vast warehouse, and they even showed us these fun new “Bliss Lights”. We had Our Planet Our Universe exhibit in mind when we saw these lights. They slowly moved across the ceiling and emulated stars, giving Our Planet Our Universe the perfect atmosphere for events.


We also visited one of our favorite florists in Central Florida, Flourish. Everything from their design to their service is flawless! They treated us to a light lunch complete with the perfect little bunches of flowers and cake pops too! Our favor to-go were little bunches of roses in Flourish mugs. Right now we have two in our sun-lit office, keeping our desks company while the others are home planted in the ground.


We absolutely had to visit Puff n’ Stuff, our preferred caterer. They treated us to many delicious new hor d’oeuvres like chicken and waffle cornets, steak and blue cheese flat bread, and a twist on the beloved cake pops: cheesecake pops! It was a wonderful mix of sweet and savory.


We visited with another caterer, John Michael Catering and Events. We have been seeing the John Michael team in our building for weddings and events more and more these days! We visited their store front which is just blocks away from us. They treated us with a to-go box of sweets including brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and dipped Oreos!


Last but certainly not least, we had lunch at one of the hottest spots in town, 4 Rivers. We all got our favorites from 4 Rivers, mine being a trio sampler of brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken with their 4 Rivers house sauce. And of course, a side of their delicious cornbread. At most of our events when 4 Rivers caters, the cornbread is always the first to go – it’s that delicious!


Just wanted to share a taste of how wonderfully our vendors treated us. We promise that all of these vendors will take great care of you too! Thank you to all these vendors who took the time to entertain us on their turf instead of ours!

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Manager of Meetings and Events

Planning Tips: For Brides

Congratulations! You are happily engaged and eager for the ‘big day’! It’s such an exciting time in your life and one of the most important! You and your fiancé are about to embark on a new chapter in your life-book and thus the planning ensues! It can quickly become very overwhelming though, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to even begin! But do not fret, I’ve put together a quick list of quick tips to help you start planning for your wedding day:


  1. Give yourself time! Your wedding day is going to be one of more memorable moments of your life, so don’t rush planning it! Give yourself time to do venue site visits, meet with different vendors, find your perfect design elements and most importantly, time to celebrate you and your fiancé. When you rush the planning you can lose certain elements that you had wished for and I know it’s exciting and you feel the need to get it all done soon. But take a moment to take a step back, take a deep breath, and then start to plan.
  2. Stay organized! As a planner, I know this is a lot easier said than done. But find a way that works best for you to stay organized throughout the wedding planning process! One easy way is to use Excel spreadsheets – you can keep track of your attendees, gifts received, payments dates, even a timeline of what needs to happen on a certain day! It also a great way to be on the same page with your fiancé, planner, and family members/friends helping you plan. The more organized you are, the less stressed you will be!
  3. Research, research, research! You have hundreds of options for caterers, DJ’s, photographers, videographers, etc., and doing the research on them can be very time consuming and tedious. But I can guarantee that the research is worth it. Trust the reputation you have heard, trust the reviews-good and bad, and trust your gut! Ultimately you will be the one to make the decision on whom to choose and it’s best to be positive with your choice than unsure.
  4. Utilize your vendor’s knowledge! These people are professionals in their field and chances are they know everything there is to know. Once you share your vision with them, make sure to listen to their suggestions and ideas because they will be playing off of your dream and their experiences to create the perfect day for you and your fiancé. Also share your other vendors with all of your vendors. When vendors are able to work together on your event, they will be able to add special touches that complement one another and better attend to your weddings characteristics.
  5. Take advantage of your space! When working on the layout of your event at your venue, make sure to fully use the space you have. Talk to the venue coordinator and ask them for suggestions, ideas, comments and pictures because they know the space better than anyone and they will be able to help you use it best!
  6. When DIY, practice makes perfect! So you’ve found the perfect centerpiece, invitations, design elements, whatever it may be on Pinterest and it looks fairly simple. But be warned, not everything you find on the internet is perfect. Make sure to run trial practices when putting design elements together in order to ensure that it is as easy as it looks. This also allows you to tweak it to your special event, see what elements work together and what looks best. Also, make sure to customize it to you. Personalize it with you and your finances color palate, theme, and personalities!
  7. Create a contact packet and hand it out to those around you on the days leading to your wedding. Include the best way to reach you and the contact of those you’ll be with (just in case you don’t hear your phone), a timeline and the addresses of the places you have appointments, and vendor contact information. This will allow people to contact each other if need be and relieves some stress off of your shoulders!
  8. Manage your expectations. I know that this can be difficult because your wedding day is supposed to be the most important day in your life. But unfortunately (and sometimes without reason) things happen. So make sure to always have a back-up that you are comfortable with (especially a weather back-up for Florida), make sure to limit guest issues during throughout the planning process, and make sure that at the end of the day the only thing that you expect is to have a beautiful day! When it comes down to it, it’s all about you and your fiancé starting your new chapter together and ‘que sera, sera!’ What will be, will be!
  9. Give enough yet simple information! Provide your attendees with all of the information they will need from suggestions of places to stay, explore and directions to your wedding ceremony and reception. But do so in a clean and concise way- try not to over explain yourself (IE: after the lake with the red dock you make a left and then a right after the blue house with the green shutters, etc.). Give addresses with suggested routes but keep it simple!
  10. Last but certainly not least, have faith that all of your hard work will pay off! It can be overwhelming and stressful and there will be times where you may want to just run to City Hall and elope and get it over with. But at the end of your wedding day when you and your significant other are hand in hand, filled with love and excitement for your new lives together to begin, it will all have been worth it! You will be able to look back at the memory of your wedding day and how marvelous and special the day was!

Remember that it’s okay to take a step back at times and take a deep breath! Planning for your wedding is a lot to take on! But using the tips above will hopefully ease the stress of it all and help you to plan and create a day that you’ll never forget! Enjoy each moment and again, congratulations!

Event Coordinator

High-Profile Event with Puff N’ Stuff

Puff n’ Stuff is our preferred caterer and has worked on some phenomenal events here in the past. We are so proud to work with them on a regular basis and look forward to every event with them. We recently had the pleasure of working on a high-profile event with them in our DinoDigs exhibit space. It was an awards ceremony for a Fortune 500 company and Puff n’ Stuff serviced the reception with white glove table service.


For this event, not only did Puff n’ Stuff exemplify quality food and catering services, they also handled the floral centerpieces for the evening. It shows how truly multi-faceted Puff n’ Stuff is as a full-service caterer.  Everything from the lush green centerpieces to the textured pin-tuck linens, no detail was over-looked. Guests dined with the dinosaurs and enjoyed a fun atmosphere and whimsical touch to their prestigious award ceremony.


The event audio visual and lighting was brought in by American Audio Visual. They are a company that is in our building almost as often as we are! They produced all of the lighting,  staging, and drape (not shown) for the awards ceremony as well as all of the amazing up-lights that illuminate our pillars, bringing a truly elegant look to our dinosaur exhibit. We really love when events bring in up-lights because they can truly transform any event space. For full-service events with every attention to detail, these are our favorite vendors to work with!

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Event Coordinator