AFR Tour 2013


Most recently, our events department took a little after hours field trip to a venue downtown for the annual AFR Furniture Rental showcase! Clockwise from the top in the above photo: Abigail, Danielle, Gia, Caroline, Kayla, and Megan.


Being that it was a great team building experience and excellent showcase in one, I wanted a fresh perspective from each of our new interns that were able to attend. Below, our interns Kayla, Abigail, and Megan all shared their favorite part of the evening.


“This was my first year attending the AFR Networking Event and I was so happy I was able to attend because it was an awesome experience! My favorite part of the event was the overall theme-ing of the venue.  AFR did an excellent job portraying a carnival atmosphere with the lights hanging above as well as the “live décor” lamp ladies appearing in the room and the stilt walkers. The digital caricature was also a unique element that was a great take on the traditional caricature booths you would typically find at a carnival. I really enjoyed the food that each caterer provided – especially Arthur’s Catering’s take on chicken and waffles! The arcade was great and made it feel like the games you would find at a carnival as well. I also enjoyed looking at the set ups made by the different vendors after they were given different pieces of AFR furniture to use. Each display was different and stunning! AFR did a fantastic job creating the theme for such an awesome event!”

-Megan, Assistant Event Coordinator


“I’ve been to many network events before and AFR’s network event was different from the rest.  Most network events there’s just music playing on a stereo in the background while everyone just stands around drinking and talking, but not AFR’s network event. I loved how there was a live band playing cover music. It made me feel as if I was at a live concert singing along with the band. Same as other network events there was alcohol but there was a great assortment to choose from, but what made the drinks even better was the food that accompanied it. My favorite food from the night was Arthur’s catering, the chicken and waffles. The next day at lunch that’s all I wanted to eat! I’m craving another chicken and waffle right now! The major stand out point and what I liked most from the AFR network event was that there were so many decorations and interactive stations that when talking to someone you didn’t have the awkward moment on deciding what to talk about. Instead of what should I talk about it was more like WHAT’S NOT TO TALK ABOUT! Overall I loved this network event and I can’t wait to go to the next one! Good job AFR!”

– Kayla, Assistant Event Coordinator


“The AFR Showcase and Networking tour was a wonderful event and small eye opening experience into the event industry.  Having little knowledge in the industry so far, it was the perfect way to begin a lovely and educational internship with the Orlando Science Center Meetings and Events department.  The evening started at the Science Center, where all of the girls in the meetings and events department met and embarked on our night of socializing and bonding.  We then made our way on to the Church Street Station; a beautiful location for the showcase.  We were promptly greeted with excited smiles as we made our way into the two-story, mingling, munching, and admiring shindig.  It was quite apparent that this event was a silent battle between the many event vendors in Orlando; showing off their best for everyone to commend.  I greatly enjoyed the varieties of food and décor which flowed perfectly throughout with the theme of the night.  I learned so much from each vendor showcasing and had an enjoyable evening with my fellow interns and coworkers.  My favorite part of the evening was by far the food.  The Station was packed with many different tastes and flavors.  Circling each floor and experiencing the excellence of each caterer was a great reward for a spectacular evening.”

– Abigail, Assistant Event Coordinator


My personal favorite touch was the decor and the theme! It seemed at every corner of the building there was a food station set up including Puff N Stuff, John Michael Catering, and Millenia Catering. Not only was the food to theme with mini burgers, tiny beers, chicken and waffle cones, but the presentation was themed as well. Wizard Connection had a conveyor belt of trays with Puff N Stuffs little burger platters on them. At the top of the conveyor belt was gears which paired perfectly with the rest of the decor and added an unexpected touch.


Helen, our Director of Meetings and Events, shares her favorite part as well. Helen is a veteran at this event being that years ago, she got to work on it as well when it was hosted at the Orlando Science Center.


“The AFR Networker is my favorite annual event.  Every year I am so excited to hear what venue and vendors have been selected to participate.  This event is such a special event to me, because back in 2010 the Orlando Science Center was lucky enough to be the host venue!  Being able to participate in this event is such a great way to showcase your product and develop meaningful relationships in the industry.  This year, I was blown away by the participating caterers.  The menu selections were incredible.  Puff ‘N Stuff and Wizard Connection’s display really helped to play up the theme and was a great visual upon entering The Church Street Exchange Building.  I could have spent all night hanging around Arthur’s Catering chicken and waffles cart.  The mixture of the mashed potatoes with sausage gravy, topped with a pieces of fried chicken and a strip of bacon couldn’t have been more perfect!  John Michael Catering had a great display of easy to eat savory bites.  My favorite being their Beef and Blues, a bacon and blue cheese wrapped meat ball!  In between visiting each caterer, I enjoyed snacking on beer flavored pop corn from Kernel Encore.  Everyone did such a wonderful job and presented such a delicious touch to such a wonderful event!”

– Helen, Director of Meetings and Events

SunTrust Terrace @ Orlando Science Center

These last two photos are from the AFR event back in 2010 at the Orlando Science Center. We are so proud to be a part of the AFR Tour in the past and love to support it every year since!DinoDigs @ Orlando Science Center


Until next time,
Manager of Meetings and Events

Vendor Highlight: Puff n’ Stuff


Puff n’ Stuff is the preferred caterer of the Orlando Science Center and we thought we’d tell you a little bit about them from our perspective! Our Event Coordinators are on-site events all evening and have to eat at some point. We get to try many different kinds of food from all of our certified caterers so we know our catering!


Without fail, Puff n’ Stuff consistently delivers excellent service and delicious food, from the first contact to the end of your event, Puff n’ Stuff is always there to please. These displays were for a recent wedding reception in our DinoDigs exhibit, catered by Puff n’ Stuff. As you can see, Puff n’ Stuff’s attention to detail begins from the first client contact to the last minute of your special event.


Puff n’ Stuff is notorious for some delicious food stations that we’ve had the pleasure of having on-site. Most recently they dazzled us with a flaming doughnut station. Glazed doughnuts were sauteed in a rum sauce, then served with a coffee ice cream – the perfect combo!

Copy of IV_163

At another event, they amazed us with glowing ice cubes in our interactive exhibit, Our Planet Our Universe. The glow of the ice cubes matched the blue uplights in the room, creating an amazing atmosphere around our suspended globe exhibit piece which was the focal point of the dinner reception.

Be sure to contact Puff n’ Stuff for your next special event!

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Until next time,
Manager of Meetings and Events

High-Profile Event with Puff N’ Stuff

Puff n’ Stuff is our preferred caterer and has worked on some phenomenal events here in the past. We are so proud to work with them on a regular basis and look forward to every event with them. We recently had the pleasure of working on a high-profile event with them in our DinoDigs exhibit space. It was an awards ceremony for a Fortune 500 company and Puff n’ Stuff serviced the reception with white glove table service.


For this event, not only did Puff n’ Stuff exemplify quality food and catering services, they also handled the floral centerpieces for the evening. It shows how truly multi-faceted Puff n’ Stuff is as a full-service caterer.  Everything from the lush green centerpieces to the textured pin-tuck linens, no detail was over-looked. Guests dined with the dinosaurs and enjoyed a fun atmosphere and whimsical touch to their prestigious award ceremony.


The event audio visual and lighting was brought in by American Audio Visual. They are a company that is in our building almost as often as we are! They produced all of the lighting,  staging, and drape (not shown) for the awards ceremony as well as all of the amazing up-lights that illuminate our pillars, bringing a truly elegant look to our dinosaur exhibit. We really love when events bring in up-lights because they can truly transform any event space. For full-service events with every attention to detail, these are our favorite vendors to work with!

Until next time,
Event Coordinator

Dine with the dinosaurs. Dance under the stars. Celebrate in style.

Casual fun, down to business, or sophisticated, you’ve never imagined a space this versatile. We have unforgettable celebrations and meetings here at the Orlando Science Center. Conveniently located downtown, Orlando Science Center has 200,000 square feet of dynamic exhibit and event space. From corporate meetings to weddings, guests are always dazzled by interactive science exhibits and breathtaking views of the Orlando skyline.

With experienced coordinators on site, talented interns, our entire events team creates extraordinary celebrations that guests never forget. No matter how big or small, we have planning spectacular events down to a science.

Our coordinators and interns will be updating on our phenomenal events, including photos from the events and a narrative of the event execution process.