5 Things Needed For a Great Event


Even though all of our events all take place within one venue, Orlando Science Center, each one is unique from the other. We’ve compiled a list to make your event as special as ours!

  1. Event flow is crucial to making guests feel like there are experiencing new things without overwhelming them. With OSC in particular, we have as many as three different spaces on one level, so guests can enjoy cocktails in one, dinner in another, and dessert in the last. Guests will enjoy exploring different spaces, so with a solid flow and structure to the evening, guests can have a great time.
  2. Great food and delicious drinks never fail. It’s the one thing that every guest can participate in and enjoy. It’s also something guests will remember whether it is good or bad, so make sure you give them a good reason to remember the food and drinks!
  3. Atmosphere, whether this means a throwback playlist from your DJ for a night of dancing or a live band at a wedding, music sets the tone. DJs these days can accept nearly any request and cover bands can get crowds up on their feet.
  4. A thoughtful guest-list. Know your guests well enough to give them comfort. If your guests will wear heels, make sure there is plenty of seating for the end of the evening. If your guests are older, perhaps make sure an outdoor event space will not be too cold that evening. Even something as simple as offering plus-ones for guests who are more introverted could make guests more comfortable, in turn they’ll have more fun.
  5. Personal touches can be as simple as a personalized menu at an intimate dinner party, customized bookmarks for attendees that enjoy reading, or something humorous like a “hangover cure kit” given out at the end of a wedding. It’s the personal things that will be remembered by your guests.

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Disney Details at OSC

Here at the Orlando Science Center we host on average 80 weddings a year! We encounter many  unique themes and wedding details that express what our couples love. Recently we have been noticing that some of our couples have been including many “Disney Details” into their wedding ceremonies and receptions. I work for “The Mouse” as well and these details do not go unnoticed by this Disney girl at heart! These Disney Details paired with the whimsy of our venue create a one of a kind wedding!

Elements from the movie UP! have been showcased in several of our weddings; some as subtle as the famous Grape Soda Button! One of our brides on April 27th placed hers in her bouquet as well as created one for each of her guests to take home as their favor.

Grape soda button

The story of UP! portrays a love between a couple and the adventure that is out there for them to explore together. Our bride and groom chose the classic Disney script for their dino sign that was placed in our T-Rex’s mouth for guests to encounter immediately when they walked into the reception area in Dino Digs, a location that screams adventure!

T-Rex Sign

The same couple created a card box resembling the mail box that Carl and Ellie make together in the movie. You can even see the Disney theme post cards that guests were able to write well wishes on and place in the mailbox.

Disney guest book table

disney escort cards

disney place cards

Escort cards can even showcase Disney and these couples definitely got creative. At another one of our weddings on April 21st, guests found their very own FastPass that took them to their corresponding table that was titled based off of the couple’s favorite Disney attractions,while another couple used the famous Disney script to direct their guests to their seats.

Disney table number

Many of the elements we have seen showcase the couple’s favorite characters, such as this adorable cake topper with the groom wearing a storm trooper helmet and the bride sporting classic Mickey Ears. Groomsmen even donned their favorite Marvel characters to create a unique version of a boutonniere.

disney cake topper

View More: http://thirtythreeandathird.pass.us/angela_chris

Hidden Mickey’s were added on this bride and grooms cake, giving it a little hint of the Mouse. While the UP! inspired cake displays an iconic scene from the Pixar Movie.

Hidden Mickey

View More: http://thirtythreeandathird.pass.us/angela_chris

Many of our couples are Central Florida locals and have grown up around Walt Disney World or have even worked there. Others enjoy the stories and what they embody and compare their own love stories to the beloved characters. Whatever the connection is with the theme parks, characters, or movies we love to see the details portrayed throughout our couples special day!

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Big City Caters The NotWedding

After a weekend of proms and formals we are excited to announce our newest vendor for The NotWedding! Big City Catering! Big City Catering has been to the Orlando Science Center numerous times for events. One of our favorite events Big City Catering was a part of was Bob’s 50th birthday. Here’s a video that showcases Big City Catering’s one of a kind work.

Big City Catering from Live Happy Studio on Vimeo.

The NotWedding is approaching fast – we are one month out! For those who don’t know what The NotWedding is, it’s a big fake wedding. The wedding guest are all brides to be! The event will start off with an emotional ceremony of a couple renewing their vows. Then the guests will go into a reception where they will get to enjoy a tasty dinner provided by Big City Catering. Following dinner they will get to dance the night away! A true experience of vendors in action. Mark your calendars now for May 14, 2014. Save this date not only to see Big City Catering in action, but taste their unforgettable food. Who knows maybe they will be your caterer for your big day! If you would like to attend this event, you can find out more information and tickets at TheNotWedding.com untitled Peace, love, and dinos,
Event Coordinator

The NotWedding


Our staff is gearing up for an exciting event this year, the NotWedding! This annual event, taking place on May 14th at Orlando Science Center is an interesting alternative to the usual bridal show. The entire event is designed to mimic the feel of an actual wedding. This fake, elaborate wedding allows “wedding guests”, the brides-to-be, a chance to see some of our local Orlando vendors in action complete with a mock ceremony, reception, and dance party.

The NotWedding has handpicked some of the best vendors in the Central Florida area for this over the top event. This long list of vendors also includes two of our preferred vendors here at the Orlando Science Center!


Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals is a great option for all of your rentals needs including Chiavari chair rentals, an assortment of table rentals, linen rentals, classy tent rentals, LED up-lighting rentals, photo booth rentals, and much more. In addition to their wide variety of rentals, they have an incredible staff that we always enjoy working with.

When it comes to DJ and specialty lighting services, Junction 88 is the one to call! DJ and owner, MJ Farb, and his staff are always full of energy and eager to make your event all the more special. Not to mention, they have the most amazing lighting that will transform any space beyond your imagination!


If you would like to attend this event, you can find out more information and tickets at TheNotWedding.com

If you were wondering how our staff transforms the Orlando Science Center into the wedding of your dreams, here are some of my favorite photos!

Event Assistant

The Knot Market Mixer

photo 11

I’m always excited to go to mixer events, especially when everyone in our office goes. This past Tuesday March 11, 2014 we were lucky enough to go to the Knot Market Mixer at the Hilton Orlando on Destination Parkway. As soon as we walked through the doors of the Hilton they had staff passing out hors d’oeuvres. What was unique about these hors d’oeuvres was the tray they were being served on. The tray was a picture frame of The Knot magazine. It was something I’ve never seen before! One of the items on the trays that also caught my eye was a Popsicle mimosa.

photo 22

photo 33

Our team had to grab one and take a quick photo. After seeing this drink I was very excited to see what the theme was. We all signed in and made our way outside to the event space. The first steps outside were breath taking. I’ve never been to the Hilton before so I didn’t know what their space looked like. There was so much décor surrounding a custom wrap dance floor that said The Knot.


I started to explore and the first thing I walked up to was a snowflake ice bar. Doug, the bartender, informed me that located around the space were four different bars; each bar had a different specialty drink. I then figured out that the whole theme of the Knot Mixer was seasons! I passed up on the winter drink because I wanted to save the Mexican Hot Cocoa for dessert.

photo 111

Our team started to venture to a big white tent. As we walked towards the tent we walked by gorgeous furniture by AFR that I couldn’t help take a picture of. The tent was magnificent with all the chandeliers hanging down. I felt like I was in a classy spring garden. Although we were in the spring part of the venue we were very close to the fall section where there were making Jalapeno Martinis with Honey Whip. Being daring, Danielle, Megan and I tried the martini. It was way too spicy for all of us, so instead of drinking it we just took an artsy photo to remember we were willing to try the unique drink.

photo 444

After we explored we started to run into some familiar faces such as Our DJ Rocks, SNAP photography, Cut the Cake, Big City Catering, Puff n Stuff Catering, AFR Furniture Rental, Victoria Angela Photography, Sensational Ceremonies, Orlando Museum of Art, Imprint Cinema, and A Magic Moment Photography. It was nice to catch up with these vendors outside an event. We also met some new faces such as BBJ  Linen, Photo Mingle, and the Leonard Brothers Band

photo 5 (1)

While mingling with all the vendors the models in wedding dresses came out to the dance floor for some photos. The whole night I was waiting for someone to go dance and I thought they were going to start the party. Sadly they didn’t, soon after though, Kristina from Big City Catering made her way onto the dance floor. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity so I joined her on the dance floor. The Leonard Brothers started to play some classic songs like “Shout” and soon enough our whole team from OSC was dancing! Not many other people joined us to dance, but our team had a fun time being silly together on the dance floor.

photo 1

photo 2

At the end of the night, the lights dimmed and in the far corner a firework sign went off displaying The Knot logo. Soon after The Knot sign went off there were fireworks roaring in the sky. I joked about how romantic it was but it actually was a great way to end the night alongside our OSC team.  I very much enjoyed The Knot Market Mixer. It was something I’ve never seen before, I saw familiar faces along with new ones, and most importantly had fun with my OSC family. I can’t wait for the next The Knot Market Mixer!

photo 3

Peace, love, and dinos,
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Wedding Highlight: Mayor Tree ceremony + Terrace reception


Here at OSC we have a wide variety of brides and grooms that choose our venue for their special day. Each of our weddings are different  from the next. This couple incorporated many elements that made their day unlike any other here at OSC.


They had their ceremony at the Mayor Tree and the reception was on the SunTrust Terrace. Before their ceremony, they did a “first touch” on the Terrace in which the groom didn’t see the bride, but she was able to see her groom beforehand to calm any nerves.


The couple had Lee Forrest Design hang ribbons on the Mayor Tree, as well as floating orchids on the Terrace above their dance space. With the Terrace already being a romantic space, the hanging floral designs made for a wonderful touch.


Even for December, the weather outside was beautiful as they danced to the band under the stars and the lights with downtown Orlando in the background. The band was a perfect choice for this couple as the group of people got to enjoy piano tunes during dinner and later drum-heavy songs for dancing.


This particular couple had a wonderful atmosphere created for their wedding which you can definitely feel in their photos and in their wedding film below.


Photo credit: Chris Martin

John and Holly Wedding from White in Revery on Vimeo.

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Planning Tips: For Brides

Congratulations! You are happily engaged and eager for the ‘big day’! It’s such an exciting time in your life and one of the most important! You and your fiancé are about to embark on a new chapter in your life-book and thus the planning ensues! It can quickly become very overwhelming though, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to even begin! But do not fret, I’ve put together a quick list of quick tips to help you start planning for your wedding day:


  1. Give yourself time! Your wedding day is going to be one of more memorable moments of your life, so don’t rush planning it! Give yourself time to do venue site visits, meet with different vendors, find your perfect design elements and most importantly, time to celebrate you and your fiancé. When you rush the planning you can lose certain elements that you had wished for and I know it’s exciting and you feel the need to get it all done soon. But take a moment to take a step back, take a deep breath, and then start to plan.
  2. Stay organized! As a planner, I know this is a lot easier said than done. But find a way that works best for you to stay organized throughout the wedding planning process! One easy way is to use Excel spreadsheets – you can keep track of your attendees, gifts received, payments dates, even a timeline of what needs to happen on a certain day! It also a great way to be on the same page with your fiancé, planner, and family members/friends helping you plan. The more organized you are, the less stressed you will be!
  3. Research, research, research! You have hundreds of options for caterers, DJ’s, photographers, videographers, etc., and doing the research on them can be very time consuming and tedious. But I can guarantee that the research is worth it. Trust the reputation you have heard, trust the reviews-good and bad, and trust your gut! Ultimately you will be the one to make the decision on whom to choose and it’s best to be positive with your choice than unsure.
  4. Utilize your vendor’s knowledge! These people are professionals in their field and chances are they know everything there is to know. Once you share your vision with them, make sure to listen to their suggestions and ideas because they will be playing off of your dream and their experiences to create the perfect day for you and your fiancé. Also share your other vendors with all of your vendors. When vendors are able to work together on your event, they will be able to add special touches that complement one another and better attend to your weddings characteristics.
  5. Take advantage of your space! When working on the layout of your event at your venue, make sure to fully use the space you have. Talk to the venue coordinator and ask them for suggestions, ideas, comments and pictures because they know the space better than anyone and they will be able to help you use it best!
  6. When DIY, practice makes perfect! So you’ve found the perfect centerpiece, invitations, design elements, whatever it may be on Pinterest and it looks fairly simple. But be warned, not everything you find on the internet is perfect. Make sure to run trial practices when putting design elements together in order to ensure that it is as easy as it looks. This also allows you to tweak it to your special event, see what elements work together and what looks best. Also, make sure to customize it to you. Personalize it with you and your finances color palate, theme, and personalities!
  7. Create a contact packet and hand it out to those around you on the days leading to your wedding. Include the best way to reach you and the contact of those you’ll be with (just in case you don’t hear your phone), a timeline and the addresses of the places you have appointments, and vendor contact information. This will allow people to contact each other if need be and relieves some stress off of your shoulders!
  8. Manage your expectations. I know that this can be difficult because your wedding day is supposed to be the most important day in your life. But unfortunately (and sometimes without reason) things happen. So make sure to always have a back-up that you are comfortable with (especially a weather back-up for Florida), make sure to limit guest issues during throughout the planning process, and make sure that at the end of the day the only thing that you expect is to have a beautiful day! When it comes down to it, it’s all about you and your fiancé starting your new chapter together and ‘que sera, sera!’ What will be, will be!
  9. Give enough yet simple information! Provide your attendees with all of the information they will need from suggestions of places to stay, explore and directions to your wedding ceremony and reception. But do so in a clean and concise way- try not to over explain yourself (IE: after the lake with the red dock you make a left and then a right after the blue house with the green shutters, etc.). Give addresses with suggested routes but keep it simple!
  10. Last but certainly not least, have faith that all of your hard work will pay off! It can be overwhelming and stressful and there will be times where you may want to just run to City Hall and elope and get it over with. But at the end of your wedding day when you and your significant other are hand in hand, filled with love and excitement for your new lives together to begin, it will all have been worth it! You will be able to look back at the memory of your wedding day and how marvelous and special the day was!

Remember that it’s okay to take a step back at times and take a deep breath! Planning for your wedding is a lot to take on! But using the tips above will hopefully ease the stress of it all and help you to plan and create a day that you’ll never forget! Enjoy each moment and again, congratulations!

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